About us

A.P.D. srl born in the 90s in the heart of Val Brembana.
For years in the plastic industry, he has consolidated a special experience in the production of valved tubes for cement injections.

The range of our pipes starts from 1/2 inch and reaches till 2 inches, with different thicknesses depending on the operating pressures used.

What do we do


A.D.P. srl collaborates with numerous customers, Italian and French, providing them with a wide range of products.


A.P.D. srl is always in continuous renovation, in order to improve its products. The new product is a tube called TubesMachette.

Construction sites

A.P.D. srl has supplied its products in numerous construction sites and has also carried out important international projects.


TubesMachette, the new valved tube milled and corrected, with valves, tip and concealed joints.

A few numbers


Also known as polyvinylchloride, the vinyl chloride polymer is the most important polymer in the series obtained from vinyl monomers, and it is one of the most plastic material used in the world.


Our PVC meets certain criteria defined according to the particular characteristics related to the composition of the material. Due to its peculiarities, this group of products is suitable for certain defined application areas.
These characteristics are classified according to their mechanical, chemical and physical properties..


During 2017 APD srl has produced more than 401.300 ml of valved tubes.


A.P.D. srl In order to improve continuously its product range and quality, APD srl obtained in 2015, thanks to EUROCERTIFICATIONS srl, the EN ISO 9001:2015 certification with the TUV Hessen.